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Today, I ll be sharing something which will be all about Sheet Face Masks. I know, you'll are wondering that most of you know about them. Or you must have questions like are they worth you penny? Right?

So, I thought why wouldn't I write a whole blog about everything related to sheet masks and how you can make use from most of it.

What are Sheet Face Masks?


Sheet face masks are a single use face shaped mask made of fabrics of sheet, which are packed with some essential serum containing different nutrients which comes in a variety of ranges and natural extracts.

How to use the Sheet Face Mask properly for getting maximum benefits out of it?

Sheet masks can do wonders for your face if you apply them properly using proper directions.Β 

  • Cleanse you face properly with your cleanser and apply a toner (as per your skin type) or rose water.
  • Take out the mask and place it on your face and press it a little to make it stick to your face.
  • After 10-15 minutes remove the face mask and pat your face with the face mask so that the remaining serum can soak in your skin.
  • Check out the packet of the face mask as there might be some serum left and apply it gently on your face in circular motions.
  • No need to rinse your face. Let it dry naturally to get beautifully hydrated and glowing skin.

How many times a week can it be applied?

Face masks can be applied daily if you are having normal to combination skin, oily skin or specially dry skin for getting most of the hydration for your face. But, if you have an acne prone skin you should apply face mask once in a week for best results.

Tips for making most use from your Face Mask:

  • Keep your Sheet Face Masks in refrigerator at least for 30 minutes before application. As it will help in giving more hydration and the serum will soak well if the sheet masks are in cold condition.
  • Apply moisturizer right after the application of your sheet mask as it will lock in all the essential serum. So that the essentials do not evaporate which helps in getting more soft and supple skin.
  • Β You can use it right just after having bath or before going to bed for that extra nourishment and benefit to your skin.

Are Sheet face masks worthy for your penny?

A lot of you might be thinking of this common question as why you should invest in a Face mask, which is only for one time use where as you could use any kind of serums instead of face mask. Or are they even worth the money as it could be a lil expensive for some of you as they comes in a price range starting from Rs 100 of a single sheet mask. But, I must tell you all that these face masks really works wonders for your skin, as I have personally used them quite often. There are brands like The Face Shop, Innisfree which sells sheet masks which are worth every penny. I recommend you to try them out and see the results yourself.

I mostly use The Face Shop sheet masks as they are just amazing and so hydrating. They comes in variety of ranges depending on serum types to skin types. You can pamper your skin and your skin will thank you later for this. And, they are so refreshing for your face. An investment in some of these sheet masks is always worth for your penny!


You can browse on Nykaa as well as on amazon website for some of the amazing sheet masks, as they tend to provide some amazing offers most of the time on face masks. I recommend you to try out The Face Shop masks and let me know in the comment section below your feed back after using them.

That’s all for my today’s BLOG. See you soon in my next BLOG. BYE BYE!



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