The Soumi’s CAN PRODUCT Olive Body Massage Oil: The key for glowing skin

( This is a review of the above mentioned product based on my personal usage and experience.)

The Soumi’s CAN PRODUCT is a well known beauty and cosmetic brand, personally I use most of their beauty products but today I will be glad to share my own views about their olive oil. The olive oil is filled with the goodness of olivesorange and natural herbs, and the best part is its ayurvedic and free from harsh chemicals. As we all know olive oil is very effective for a youthful and glowing skin, whereas orange helps in skin brightening and improves discoloration of the skin. This can be used in summer as well as winters for the natural glow and prevents premature ageing.

The ways which can be used to apply the olive oil for maximum benefit:

  1. As a body oil, before or after bath for that natural enhanced glow.
  2. As a face toner, directly applying to the face for soft and smooth skin.
  3. Can be mixed with face packs or body scrubber for that extra nourishment.
  4. As a exfoliating serum for skin, as olive oil is rich in antioxidant.
  5. Can be used as a makeup remover giving a healthy glow to the skin.

Personally my favorite way to use the oil is, directly applying to all over my body and face after bath for a smooth, supple and graceful skin. Out of all the olive oils I have used till date, The Soumi’s CAN PRODUCT Olive Body Massage Oil is my most favorite and its my go to product in my skincare routine which I cannot skip for a single day!

 That’s all for my today’s BLOG. See you soon in my next BLOG. BYE BYE!


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